Zumba in the Parks

Kids and adults doing zumba in a park

Dance with Zumba in the Parks!  We offer free Zumba classes, allowing program participants to get outside, stay active and enjoy a fun, exhilarating activity with San Francisco parks as the backdrop.

Zumba is an exercise fitness activity based on the rhythms of Latin dance music-- salsa, reggaetón, merengue and cumbia

**An important note regarding COVID-19, the Corona Virus, precautions and Zumba® in the Parks:

Zumba® Will Return in the Fall - Mid September

We are happy to announce a small number of classes returning in the Fall. You must register for these classes as they will be capped due to limited space and social distancing. 

Registration will be August 14

Stay well,

Zumba® in the Parks

  1. Sunday Zumba
  2. Monday Zumba
  3. Tuesday Zumba
  4. Wednesday Zumba
  5. Thursday Zumba
  6. Friday Zumba
  7. Saturday Zumba


Check back for future classes