Zumba in the Parks

Kids and adults doing zumba in a park

Fall Zumba 23.3

Fall Zumba 2023 Event

Zumba is an exercise fitness activity based on the rhythms of Latin dance music-- salsa, reggaetón, merengue and cumbi Dance with Zumba in the Parks!  We offer free Zumba classes, allowing program participants to get outside, stay active and enjoy a fun, exhilarating activity with San Francisco parks as the backdrop. 

NO Registration required.  Just show up and dance!  

All outdoor classes weather permitted

Zumba® in the Parks

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  1. Sunday Zumba
  2. Monday Zumba
  3. Tuesday Zumba
  4. Wednesday Zumba
  5. Thursday Zumba
  6. Friday Zumba
  7. Saturday Zumba


Hilltop Park 


Meet on Concrete area

Instructor: Maria

Civic Center Plaza 


Meet across City Hall

Instructor: Matt 

Excelsior Playground 


Meet Outside

Instructor: Maria

Golden Gate Park  Mily and Kim (SUB) September 24


Meet by Carousel in Golden Gate Park (320 Bowling Green Drive)

Instructor: Chito