Esprit Park Renovation Project

Esprit ParkEsprit Park was built as a private, corporate park in 1982 and transferred to San Francisco’s Recreation and Park Department in 2001. Recent residential and commercial growth in and around the Dogpatch neighborhood has highlighted the importance of Esprit Park to become a resilient park space that serves the diverse needs of the neighborhood. Today many of the park amenities, including the planting and paving need improving.

A generous $5M grant from UCSF plus $2.7M in impact fees from Central Waterfront development projects jump-started the renovation of the park. The community input and project conceptual design process, which began in 2016, is wrapping up. Rec Park thanks all of the community members who participated in our virtual meeting and our online survey.

The goal of the current stage of the Esprit Park Renovation Project is to select and approve a Conceptual Design that will serve as the basis for further detailed development of the park’s design and amenities. Community comments, suggestions and survey responses will inform the further development of the plan during Design Development.


Six variations of the concept design were shared with community members in December of 2020, followed by a survey in which community members and park users were asked to weigh in on the alternative plans. Based on the 433 responses to that survey, and based on previous years of community outreach and professional evaluation, one of the plans has been selected for submission to the Recreation & Park Commission for approval. See below for tabs that lead to more detailed information about the proposed Concept Design, the survey results, and background information and the other options considered.


The Rec Park Commission will review the project, and will vote on whether to approve it and to accept the grants from UCSF and the Dogpatch & NW Potrero Hill Green Benefit District that will, along with funding from Central Waterfront developments and other sources, fund the design, engineering and construction of the renovation.


Capital Committee: Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 2 p.m.

Full Commission: Thursday, February 18, 2021, 10 a.m.


There are two ways to participate at the Commission hearings:

 Your support at the Commission can help insure that the renovation project moves forward and we get closer to enjoying a revitalized Esprit Park. 

Project Goals

  • Refresh the park after almost 40 years of use
  • Make the park more durable and resilient to withstand increased use
  • Retain the park’s natural design and feel
  • Make the park more usable for a wider variety of activities
  • Meet current codes and regulations

  1. Survey Results
  2. Proposed Design
  3. Plan Options

The final meadow designs under consideration are meadow options “W” and “V”, both feature a double meadow with an off-leash dog play area in the north and a dog-free/family meadow in the south. In option W, the off-leash dog play area is all natural grass. In option V, the off-leash dog play area is half natural grass and half synthetic turf.


As presented in the survey, the natural turf dog play area will likely require closures during the winter season and partial closures in the spring and fall. A synthetic turf area would be open year-round (including during inclement weather).


Staff originally recommended to move forward with W because in the community survey this option had the greatest percentage of supporters (combining “Supports”, “Supports Well” and “Supports Very Well” ratings). It also had the lowest percentage of “Do not support” ratings. Finally, the selection of natural grass is consistent with much of the feedback that we received prior to this survey and reflects a preference to keep the park as natural as possible. The Recreation and Park Capital Committee asked that staff return to the full Commission with both options V and W. Commissioners cited the ability to keep the synthetic turf area open year round and the success of synthetic turf in other Recreation and Park Department facilities.

Summary of survey results

Comment summary addendum

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