Esprit Park Renovation Project

Public Realm Plan Rendering of Future ParkThe Esprit Park renovation is a partnership project between Recreation and Parks, UCSF and the Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District.


In summer 2018, the Board of Supervisors approved the Central Waterfront / Dogpatch Public Realm Plan an interagency effort led by the Planning Department that also involved Recreation and Parks. The Planning Department public process identified Esprit as one of the key sites in Dogpatch needing upgrade and renovation. At the time the Public Realm Plan was initiated, the renovation of Esprit Park was not a Recreation and Park priority project and only a small amount of potential funding had been identified for Implementation. Esprit Park was highlighted by the SF Planning Department and Green Benefit District as a priority project during the Dogpatch Community Task Force negotiations with UCSF. UCSFs subsequent commitment to contribute $5 million to the park’s upgrades elevated the project to a departmental and City priority.


Since UCSFs commitment of $5 million, an additional $2.7 million in development impact fees has also been earmarked for the project by the Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee. The proposed renovation plan for Esprit Park was developed with consultant Fletcher Studio and vetted by community members through the Planning Department-led Public Realm Plan process. This proposed renovation plan has been provisionally accepted by the Recreation and Park Department. The purpose of the current phase of the project is to translate that community-driven plan into a final concept plan and construction documents that will shape the renovation.

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  1. Capital Project Update

    Esprit park Project Update 9/18!

    Hi all- We are planning for additional community outreach this Fall. . . Read on...
  2. Capital Project Update

    Esprit Park Project Update 8/21!

    Hi all - We are working on details for additional community outreach in the next few weeks. . . Read on...
  3. Capital Project Update

    Esprit Park Project Update 7/24!

    We had a meeting of the Esprit Park Advisory Group and associated meeting materials are available on our website. Read on...
  4. Capital Project Update

    Esprit Community Advisory Group Meeting 7/23/2020!

    Please join us for the meeting if you can. Read on...
  5. Capital Project Update

    Esprit Park Project Update June 2020

    The project team is scheduling the next ECAG meeting and broad community outreach will follow. Read on...
  6. Capital Project Update

    Esprit Park Project Update 5/22

    Hi all- The project team is completing the design updates and we are looking forward to sharing them with the community this summer. Read on...
  7. Capital Project Update
  8. Capital Project Update

    Esprit Park Project Update

    The project team has been updating the project design based on feedback from the community workshop. Read on...
  9. Capital Project Update


    Thank you so much to those who attended this month’s Pop-In Workshop! We got some great feedback Read on...
  10. Capital Project Update


    We are excited to announce an upcoming workshop to help finalize the concept plan for the renovation of Esprit Park Read on...
  11. Capital Project Update


    Hi everyone! We had a great time at the Pop-Up Playdate in November! We are looking forward to continuing outreach efforts Read on...
  12. Capital Project Update


    Hi everyone! Join us for a fun day of play for kids of all ages at Esprit Park Read on...
  13. Capital Project Update


    Hi everyone- The contract with the project landscape architect is getting wrapped up and we are looking forward to Read on...
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