Aquatics & Pools

Martin Luther King Jr Swimming Pool

Get active! Whether you’re looking to swim a few laps, do water aerobics, or get a little more extreme and conquer the waterslides at Hamilton, make one of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department’s beautiful pools your destination.

2014-15 Pool Closure Schedule

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Purchase scrip swim tickets

Martin Luther King Jr. Pool projected reopening for March 24, 2015

I am happy to announce that our contractor received the necessary parts and is rebuilding the pump. We expect to have the pump rebuilt and installed by March 17, 2015. There will be a testing process, as well as balancing the water which should take approximately one week, unless there … Continue reading

Children (17 and younger)

  • one swim: $1
  • Swim Lessons/Water Exercise – Children: $2 per visit

Adults (18 and older)

  • one swim: $6
  • Swim Lessons/Water Exercise – Adult: $7 per visit
  • Adult Swim Lessons/Water Exercise – Adult Scrip plus $2 lesson fee

Scrip Tickets (Swim Passes) : 1 Scrip =10 Swims

  • Adult: $51
  • Senior: $24
  • Economic Need: $24

Purchase scrip tickets at:

McLaren Lodge Annex; M-F 9am to 5pm 501 Stanyan St.

The parking lot entrance is off Stanyan between Hayes and Fell.


City Hall Treasurer’s Office; M-F 8am-to 5pm SF City Hall


Purchase swim scrip tickets online today!

Please allow 5 – 7 business days for processing and delivery.

You must have already set up an account at McLaren Lodge Annex in order to purchase Senior or Economic Need tickets online. To set up an account, bring your ID, a current utility bill, and Medi-Cal card (if applicable).

Pools are generally accessible for persons with disabilities. For further information call (415) 831-2747 or TDD (415) 242-5200.

Facilities at all pools include showers, changing areas, and lockers. You must bring your own lock for the locker. Locks may not be left on over night.

Non-swimmers must remain in shallow water. Deep water test includes: Swim crawl stroke 6-widths of the pool, and tread water 1 minute.

Deck staff are responsible for enforcing rules and regulations relating to the safety of swimmers and have the authority to eject persons for not complying with said rules and regulations.

All valuables must be checked in with the cashiers. The management will not be responsible for valuables left in the dressing rooms. Check in of articles is merely an accommodation. The Recreation and Park Department, and the City and County of San Francisco assume no liability there under.

Shower time is limited to three (3) minutes.

Parents who have children shorter than minimum pool depth must abide by these rules:

  1. parents must accompany children shorter than the minimum pool depth,
  2. parents must not leave children unattended, and
  3. parents must sign a permission slip. Infants must wear diapers with elastic on legs and waist.

All pool programs are subject to change. Poorly attended programs may be canceled.


2012-13 Pool Closure Schedule

Tots: The program aims to promote the Red Cross water safety knowledge and skills, aquatic adjustment, and swimming readiness skills, as well as fun enjoyment in the water. The parent is the primary instructor for their child and will accompany the child into the water during instruction. The parent must dress in a swim suit. Toddlers who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers.

Pre-Schoolers: ratio 1 adult per child

Youth-1: Participants will acquaint themselves with the aquatic environment. Topics covered in this class include breathing control, floating, prone glide, back float, arm strokes and kicking, and other elementary skills.

Youth-3: is designed for participants who have developed the elementary skills of swimming. Participants will be able to develop the front crawl stroke and back crawl techniques. This class is designed to improve stamina and coordination.

Youth-5: These levels will coordinate, refine, and polish all the skills learned in previous levels. The butterfly stroke, open turns and surface dives will be introduced. Emphasis is placed on developing efficiency, power, and endurance.

Adult –1: Participants will acquaint themselves with the aquatic environment. Topics covered in this class include breathing control, floating, prone glide, back float, arm strokes and kicking, and other elementary skills.