Twin Peaks – Mt. Sutro Connector Trail Improvement Project


The proposed project will formalize a trail from Twin Peaks Blvd. to Mt Sutro via Marview Way, around Sutro Tower, on to La Avanzada St. and then Clarendon Ave. TP_Mt Sutro trail primaryThis proposed connector would follow the unofficial paths currently frequented by pedestrians and bicyclists. Our hope is to organize trail volunteers for a work day in Summer of 2016 to formalize this trail connector.

This is a jiont partnership between the SFPUC and Rec and Park.

Click here for a location map.

If you have questions or comments on this project, or would like to get involved, please contact the Natural Areas Manager at

Twin Peaks Pilot Promenade Online Survey Closing July 26

A year ago, on July 13, 2016, the eastern half of the “Figure 8” roadway loop of Twin Peaks Boulevard was transformed to a car-free area for people gazing, hiking and biking on top of San Francisco’s famous Twin Peaks.  This pilot project was legislated by the SFMTA and is part of a … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Trails Opened This Afternoon

The newly aligned, more sustainable trail adjacent to Mission Blue Butterfly habitat opened to the public this afternoon!  Improvements include the replacement of deteriorated steps, new wayfinding signs, erosion control and habitat protection. This work was funded by the 2008 Clean & Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond and by a Habitat … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Road Paving and Figure 8 Project Updates

San Francisco Public Works is moving forward as planned with the second phase of Twin Peaks Boulevard repaving.  The paving work includes the portion of the “Figure 8” that is currently closed to motorists as part of SFMTA’s pilot road closure.  This work—and road closures and rerouting—is proceeding more quickly … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Trail Opening and Closure Updates

The northern half of trail on the north (Eureka) peak at Twin Peaks (Twin Peaks Boulevard and Christmas Tree Point Road) re-opened to the public this afternoon!   See before and after photos below. Thank you for your patience as we take the next two weeks to wrap up trail improvements … Continue reading

Progress on Twin Peaks Trails Improvement Project

Despite rain and winds since construction start, our contractor is making progress on trails improvement at Twin Peaks.  Old steps on the north peak have been removed and construction on new steps has begun. Thank you for your patience and for keeping off the north peak until it is reopened. … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Trails North (Eureka) Peak Closed for Construction, January 23

The Twin Peaks trails improvement contractor team mobilized Monday morning, January 23rd.  After installing temporary fencing for erosion control and protection of sensitive habitat area, the north (Eureka) peak will be closed to the public so contractor team can remove and replace steps.  Trail closure signage and protective fencing has … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Trails Improvement Construction Starting Week of January 17

We are excited to announce that Rec and Park will be working with Campbell Grading Inc on trails improvements at Twin Peaks. Improvements build on work completed by volunteers in summer 2016 and include the following: Replacement of steps on the north peak, as well as along the newly aligned … Continue reading

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Project FAQs

Community input on the proposed Twin Peaks – Mt Sutro Connector Trail
February 2, 2016 6:30-8:00 pm, Midtown Terrace Clubhouse


  • Vital green corridor trail connection linking open space *******
  • Bay Area Ridge Trail approves trail route and linkage
  • Promotion of healthy recreation*
  • Promotion of habitat restoration
  • Sutro Stewards approves trail route and linkage
  • People are already using the trail, therefore a good idea to improve and formalize trail
  • Supportive of multiuse trail proposal
  • Supportive that increased usage will ‘activate’ space and discourage undesirable usage****
  • Supportive of proposed project and more earthen trails****
  • Would like to see signage prohibiting wildlife feeding
  • Prefer alternate trail through Sutro Inc. property
  • Would like to see trail wrap around North side of Summit Reservoir*


  • Increased homeless activity due to greater access and visibility of the trail
  • Habitat degradation due to increased use*
  • Off--leash dog use and professional dog walkers***
  • Speeding cars at the Marview / Palo Alto street crossing
  • Increased criminal activity**
  • New trail construction creating redundant existing trails
  • Drainage runoff from new trail construction at the end of Dellbrook
  • Increased use will promote illegal trail building
  • Creating too much access***
  • Increased traffic / parking challenges**
  • Increased public defecation/urination due to no access to restroom
  • Lack of maintenance from increased usage and trash**
  • Soil erosion from trail construction* North of Marview, move trail upslope of current trail


  • Is it possible for MTA to narrow Twin Peaks Blvd to reduce the need for habitat disturbance
  • How will hikers cross Clarendon, crosswalk?

* Indicates additional comment made in support of this statement

Location Map