South Park Improvement Project


South Park is located at 64 South Park Avenue. The park is approximately 34,000 square feet and has a children’s play area, a walkway, natural lawn, landscaping, and related amenities. The project has been allocated $1 million. Construction is nearly completed and will open to the public March 7, 2017.

Rendering of the Childrens Play Area


South Park New Play Structure

Actual Play Structure


South Park is the oldest public park in San Francisco. Originally intended to be an English picturesque strolling park, it has fallen into disrepair and has been subject to ad-hoc improvements over the years. The Recreation and Park Department worked with the South Park Improvement Association, Fletcher Studio Landscape, park neighbors and community leaders to develop a master plan for the park’s renovation. Improvements to the park include upgrades to the park’s infrastructure, including new paths, irrigation, drainage, site lighting, site furnishings, 24 mature trees and landscaping.

South Park Entry at 3rd

The approved plan proposed a variety of different programmatic spaces, including a children’s play area, a large open meadow, plazas of varying scales, and a variety of areas designed for sitting and/or picnicking.

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South Park Renovation Update 1/20/17

  Photo credit: Fletcher Studios Wow! The playground structure looks complete, but …..this incredible state of the art playground is carefully inspected to make sure each connection and opening comply to safety standards. The testing and inspection started last week and adjustments will continue into next week when the weather … Continue reading

Update on South Park Renovation 12/9/2016

We’re beginning sewer work on Monday, December 12, 2016! This is a necessary step because the remaining tasks can follow. We could not start earlier digging due to permit officials thorough review of the traffic impacts to the neighborhood during the holiday moratorium on excavation in this district. We received the permits … Continue reading

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