South Park Improvement Project


South Park is located at 64 South Park Avenue. The park is approximately 34,000 square feet and has a children’s play area, a walkway, natural lawn, landscaping, and related amenities. The project has been allocated $1 million. Construction will start January 2016 and end late Fall 2016.

Rendering of the Childrens Play Area


South Park is the oldest public park in San Francisco. Originally intended to be an English picturesque strolling park, it has fallen into disrepair and has been subject to ad-hoc improvements over the years. The Recreation and Park Department worked with the South Park Improvement Association, Fletcher Studio Landscape, park neighbors and community leaders to develop a master plan for the park’s renovation. Proposed improvements to the park include upgrades to the park’s infrastructure, including new paths, irrigation, drainage, site lighting, site furnishings, 24 mature trees and landscaping.

South Park Entry at 3rd

The approved plan proposes a variety of different programmatic spaces, including a children’s play area, a large open meadow, plazas of varying scales, and a variety of areas designed for sitting and/or picnicking.

Additional improvements may include bulb-outs and chicanes for traffic calming, bio-infiltration swales, and if funding is available, a rainwater cistern for irrigation usage.

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What are those mini mounds at South Park?

It is the extra soil generated by the underground installation of plumbing and electrical utilities, trees wells, concrete foundations, etc. The extra soil will be off-hauled starting early morning on Oct 10. For safety and maneuverability, there will be no parking on both sides of the south side of South … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory (M-7/18/16 to W-7/20/16)

Tree pruning is taking a little longer that two days and will run into next week. The contractors are only posting NO PARKING signs immediately adjacent the area of daily work and only on the ‘park side’ of South Park Street. Additional signs will be posted throughout next week. Parking will be allowed across … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory (W-7/13/16 to Th-7/14/16)

Great news! More construction activity at South Park! Tree pruning within the park will start on Wednesday, July 13 and continue through Thursday, July 14, 2016  from 8AM to 5PM. Please note that NO PARKING will be allowed on the ‘park side’ of South Park Street.The signs were just posted today. Parking will be … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory!

Construction of South Park Renovation started last Thursday, January 14, 2016, with the installation of fences! The park is closed for the duration of construction and anticipated completion is late Fall 2016.For your safety, please use the pedestrian sidewalk across the street from the park. No Parking will be available along sections … Continue reading

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