Margaret S. Hayward Playground Improvement Project

Margaret Hayward Playground


Margaret S. Hayward Playground is located at the corner of Turk and Gough Streets. The park is approximately 265,000 square feet. It offers recreation facilities including indoor recreation space, storage, and related amenities; sport courts; playfields including bleachers with storage and office space; children’s play area; and an emergency operations facility owned and operated by the Department of Emergency Management.


The proposed project may include renovations and/or consolidation of park structures including recreational buildings, storage, and restrooms; improved park access; replacement of sport courts, playfields, children’s play area, and related amenities.


Planning          $700,000
Design             $2,800,000
Construction    $10,500,000
Total                $14 Million


MILESTONE                                  SCHEDULE
Start Planning                              January 2016
Start Construction                       Fall 2018
Open to Public                             Fall 2019

*Please note this schedule may change if there are unforeseen circumstances or weather changes during construction; we will do our best to maintain this schedule.

Women’s History: Margaret S. Hayward

Margaret S. Hayward is the only woman commissioner (including park, recreation, or playground) to have a park or other recreational facility named for her in San Francisco. And Hayward Playground is one of the few Recreation and Park properties named after a woman. The others include: Alice Chalmers (school principal), … Continue reading

Planning Update for Margaret Hayward Project!

Since the last Community Workshop, we have been refining the overall plan proposal for the improvements to Margaret Hayward Playground. Rec and Park staff have met with the San Francisco Arts Commission twice to review the design. We’ve also been working with our neighbors at the Department of Emergency Management … Continue reading

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