Golden Gate Park – Boat Playground Restroom Project


Narrative from COF application: The absence of a bathroom at this intensively-used playground creates unacceptably unsanitary conditions for children, and for adults who use the playground’s surrounding recreation area. The neighborhood served by the playground, the Outer Sunset, is now an area of vibrant growth — including a marked influx of families with children. The playground and its surrounding recreation area is a vital feature of this community.

Scope of Work

Construct a restroom near the playground at 45th Ave. and Lincoln Avenue, also known as Boat Playground. Refer to the attachments on this page for more detailed information.

Funding Source

Thanks to Supervisor Katy Tang’s Office for securing funds from the City’s General Fund.  The Recreation and Park Department supplemented the project budget with our baseline budget.


The project went into construction in fall 2017 and will be completed summer 2018.

Location Map