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Geneva Ave Strip is an undeveloped open space located in District 11 at Geneva and Delano Avenues. Formerly, this 10,427sf site contained a few fruit and evergreen trees, and was overgrown with invasive ivy and pampas grass. The site is narrow and steep with a lot of potential to be developed into a productive, useful space for community members.

This is a community-driven project that received a 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Community Opportunity Fund (COF) Grant for $387,534 (View COF application by clicking here), with additional contributions totaling $55,00 from Supervisor Avalos.  Because of rising construction costs and the fact that the site remediation was more extensive- and expensive- than anticipated, Rec and Park secured two additional grants totaling $900,000 from the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development to support the project.

The new garden will include the following features:

• Perimeter walls, fencing and gates
• Primary entrance along Delano Avenue
• Raised garden boxes with space for over 50 community garden assignments
• Accessible area of common amenities
• Additional landscaped areas

Once completed, this garden will be integrated with Rec and Park’s Community Gardens Program.

site status

The Environmental Report for the Geneva Avenue Parcel (2010) found that the near-surface soil contained high concentrations of lead.  Environmental remediation on site has been completed by a contractor, so the site is now food-safe and ready for a community garden!
The garden plan has been simplified and re-advertised to contractors as of Fall 2016.  We anticipate having a contractor by January 2017 and the project being completed by Summer 2017.

Construction Contract Award for Geneva Community Garden Approved by Rec and Park Commission

On December 15, 2016, the Rec and Park Commission approved award of construction contract to GECMS / Giron Construction for the Geneva Community Garden Project.  We are excited to have passed this benchmark and anticipate that the contractor will start work in January 2017.  Thank you for your patience and … Continue reading

Geneva Community Garden Contract Award Approval Scheduled for December Commission

Bids from 5 interested contractors were received on November 8, 2016 for the Geneva Community Garden project. Today, on November 23, tentative award of contract was sent to GECMS, Incorporated. Please join us for the Rec and Park Commission Capital Committee hearing on Wednesday, December 7 to support the award … Continue reading

Geneva Community Garden Rebid to Contractors

The Geneva Community Garden project has been simplified and re-advertised to contractors. Interested A and C-27 contractors can view the solicitation here. The contractor that withdrew his bid from the first round back in May will be prohibited from submitting a bid for this second round.  A pre-bid conference was held on site … Continue reading

Geneva Community Garden Still in Progress

Thank you for your patience as the creation of a community garden at Geneva Ave and Delano has taken longer than anticipated. Environmental remediation was lengthier and more expensive than expected but has been completed. To supplement original funding, Rec and Park pursued and secured additional grant funding of $900,000 from two state Housing Related Parks … Continue reading

Geneva Community Garden Construction Contract Advertised to Contractors

The Geneva Community Garden project was advertised to contractors earlier this month. A pre-bid conference was held on site and bids are due on May 10. Interested contractors can find the advertisement here: Following bid due date, we will work to review bids and award contract as soon as possible … Continue reading

Final Bid Package Prep Underway for Geneva Community Garden Project

We are in the final stages of preparing to advertise the Geneva Community Garden construction project to contractors. Thank you for your patience as we were recently dealing with extended leave of a couple of our project team members. We are also in the process of coordinating with other City agencies … Continue reading

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