Franklin Square Improvement Project

The new adult workout area is a request from the Friends of Franklin Square. They unsuccessfully applied for a COF award, which requires the community to hold meetings for the proposed improvement, so they completed their outreach. We held a meeting 2/24/16 to confirm the community’s support.

Planned Improvements

Lighting and Equipment

The project received $120K Eastern Neighborhood Benefit Funds for the improvement costs. The project also received a grant from Greenfields Equipment reducing the retail cost for the equipment by 30%. Exercise equipment includes: Two level parallel horizontal bars, parallel bars, horizontal ladder.

There is no lighting installed that illuminates the western area of the park. Community requested these lights for safety. Three or four lights will be installed on the west face of the athletic field fence poles. Funding is from the Supervisors Office at $25K.

Field Replacement

Franklin Square, located at 17th and Bryant, hosts a single soccer pitch which is 80,000 square feet in size.   It is surrounded on all four sides with chain link fencing which separates the field from other park uses which includes a newly renovated playground and passive park open space.  The proposed improvement elements include the following: 

  • Remove and recycle the existing synthetic turf and infill material;
  • Install additional drainage infrastructure beneath the field (improve field drainage);
  • Install a new turf base pad on top of the existing field rock base material;
  • Install new synthetic turf using a natural infill material;
  • Replace a majority of the perimeter fencing (10’ tall) with new fencing which will be 18’ tall;
  • Provide new soccer goals for adult and youth play;
  • Replace damaged and warn benches, trash receptacles and park signage;
  • Concrete paving and curb walls;
  • Install a new drinking fountain with water bottle filler;
  • Remove 4 mature eucalyptus trees which have been deemed hazardous by the project arborist; and
  • Plant 8 new trees to mitigate tree removal.


Anticipated presentation at the Rec and Park Commission Capital Committee in May 2016. If the Commission approves it in May we anticipate Lighting and Adult Equipment construction in Summer to Late Fall 2016 and Field replacement during that same time period.

Location Map