Esprit Park Renovation Project

Public Realm Plan Rendering Of Future Park Cropped


A partnership project between Recreation and Parks, UCSF and the Dogpatch & Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District. Our partner Dogpatch & Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District (GBD) is the main point for community outreach for this project. Please click here to visit the project page of the GBD website for additional info and to sign up for GBD updates.

The Planning Department is working to finalize a Central Waterfront / Dogpatch Public Realm Plan. The Planning Department process identified Esprit as one of the key sites in need of upgrades and renovation. At the time the plan was initiated, the renovation of Esprit Park was not a Rec and Park priority project and only a small amount of potential funding had been identified for execution of the plan.Esprit Park then surfaced as a priority project for the community during the Dogpatch Community Task Force negotiations with UCSF. UCSF’s subsequent commitment to contribute $5 million to the park’s upgrades elevated the project to a departmental and City priority.

Since that time an additional $2.7 million in development impact fees has also been earmarked for the project. The proposed plan for Esprit Park was developed with consultant Fletcher Studio and vetted by community members through a Planning Department-led process with extensive outreach. This plan has been provisionally accepted by the Rec and Park Department. The purpose of the current phase of the project is to translate that community-driven plan into a final concept plan and construction documents that will shape the renovation. Changes to the plan will occur only if discoveries about site conditions, regulatory reviews, budgetary restraints etc. force adjustments. And, even then, the goal is to steer as closely as possible to the original plan.


Esprit Park Community Advisory Group Call for Interest

We are supporting the Dogpatch & Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District (GBD) in setting up an Esprit Community Advisory Group of community members to support the renovation of Esprit Park. The Esprit Community Advisory Group has two functions: To provide community-based feedback as the plan develops and to carry information … Continue reading

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