Cayuga Playground Renovation

Entrance to Cayuga Park


Locals in the know have enjoyed Cayuga Park’s unique landscape, location, and character for decades. As part of the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, the San Francisco community voted to allocate over $7 million to the revamp of this Outer Mission gem.

Park visitors and the surrounding community have helped guide our planned transformation of Cayuga. In response to their needs, we are working to bring modern features to this old-charm park including a new clubhouse, upgraded children’s play areas, improved pathways, and new courts. We will also focus on maintaining the unique sculptures created by former park gardener Demetrio Braceros. Over time, these sculptures have become a central piece of Cayuga Park’s identity. Improvements to the irrigation system, landscaping, and the park’s basic infrastructure round-out our efforts to ensure that Cayuga’s charm will continue to please visitors for years and years to come.


Cayuga Park is a local favorite of Outer Mission and Cayuga Terrace residents. Tucked away amidst housing, the I-280 freeway, and BART tracks, it is considered to be one of San Francisco’s hidden gems.

Perhaps best known for its sculpture gardens, unique trails, and bustling basketball court, the park also offers visitors a clubhouse, children’s playground, tennis court, ball diamond, and multipurpose, turf area.

One of the park’s most interesting features is the story of its retired and longtime gardener and local legend of sorts, Demetrio Braceros, who transformed Cayuga Park’s naturalistic surroundings into works of art. Visitors from all around the City have come to the park to admire his work.

Cayuga Playground currently has one of the greatest needs of all the parks in San Francisco. Through the years, Cayuga has experienced broken swings, vandalized structures, and outdated playground equipment. We are working to dramatically improve Cayuga Playground and restore the park as a vibrant piece of the community for generations of families to come.

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