Buchanan Street Mall Activation Project

Project Summary

GREEN STREETS: San Francisco Public Housing Residents Re-imagine their Neighborhood

Since 2010, Green Streets, a community-operated waste-management enterprise founded in Hayes Valley public housing, has teamed with Citizen Film to share their stories. Through documentary film screenings, this collaboration brings residents and leaders together to look frankly at neighborhood issues and develop a shared vision of change. Key to this vision is ongoing neighborhood cleanup and recycling, which creates jobs.

Now, Green Streets, Citizen Film and the Exploratorium’s Studio for Public Spaces are working with the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department—thanks to a grant from the Trust for Public Land—to redesign an under-utilized open space between seven public housing communities. In October, the Buchanan Mall Design Task Force, which includes community youth and elders, will pilot design concepts for the five-block Buchanan Street Mall corridor. Some improvements may include youth-designed signs, audio boxes with stories of local history from African-American elders, large planter boxes, memorial markers, and a science and technology installation showing how recycling and composting generates revenue for the community.

To view the video talking about the Vision for Buchanan Street Mall click here.


Project Schedule

The project was revealed in November 2016..

Project Partners

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
Green Streets
Citizen Film
Trust for Public Land
Exploratorium’s Studio for Public Spaces
Community Grows

Funding Source

The Buchanan Street Mall Park Activation Project is funded by a grant from the Trust for Public Land in the amount of $187,600. Additionally, Citizen Film has applied funds and in-kind services from a creative placemaking grant awarded by ArtPlace America in 2014, valued at 10% of the $250,000 grant. The inspiration for the Buchanan Street Mall project sprung from the ArtPlace America Award

Buchanan Mall Activation Opening Celebration 11/7/2015

Change is coming to the Buchanan Street Mall.  The Design Task Force – a group of 30 neighborhood elders, youth, and adults – met weekly this summer to discuss design and stewardship of the Mall. The Exploratorium translated the community’s design ideas into Activation elements.  These elements – gardens boxes, … Continue reading

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