Beach Chalet Fields Renovation



Beach Chalet Fields is a Golden Gate park facility located off John F Kennedy Dr. near 47th Ave. The facility contains a small parking lot, a restroom/maintenance building and four full size soccer fields. The soccer fields are sunken down into a meadow setting which is defined on all four sides by a variety of mature vegetation.


This project includes the renovation of four existing turf soccer fields with new synthetic turf. The area of renovation is approximately 482,700 square feet and will take place within the approximate footprint as the existing soccer fields. Work associated with this project includes new fencing, site drainage improvements, grading, landscaping, pathway improvements, new field lighting for evening play, and miscellaneous site amenities such as a children’s climbing structure, picnic tables, benches, bleachers, drinking fountains and trash receptacles. The existing restrooms will also be renovated with new interior fixtures in compliance with ADA requirements. This project is being implemented in partnership with the City Fields Foundation.

City Scores Victory for Kids, Soccer

Great news! The California Coastal Commission voted unanimously today to uphold the permit for the Beach Chalet Athletic Field renovation project at the West End of Golden Gate Park, perhaps the most vetted public project in Rec and Park history. The Commission’s vote means the renovation project can move forward … Continue reading

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