Alta Plaza Park Water Conservation Project

Alta Plaza North - Limit of Work


Alta Plaza Park has been identified by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PUC) as having one of the highest losses of water, due to its antiquated irrigation system. The Park recently completed (in 2013) an irrigation replacement on the southern half of the Park. Prior to the completion of the 2013 project, no major renovation had been completed on the Park since its inception. This project will affect the northern half of the park, as indicated by the red outlined area in the above photo.


This project may include the replacement of the irrigation system on the Northern half of the Park. It will also include planting of species that are drought tolerant and climate appropriate for the area.


This project is funded by the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond and has been allocated $583,407, and has also received a PUC Grant for Water Conservation, in the amount of $583,407.

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Alta Plaza Construction Update and On-Site Walk with Project Manager 1/13/2018

The Notice to Proceed was issued (November 29, 2017) by DPW to Azul’s Works, Inc, the General Contractor. The Notice to Proceed, allows the General Contractor to start mobilizing the week of December 4th and install fencing and a job site trailer. Printed banners about the project’s scope of work … Continue reading

Update – Alta Plaza Irrigation and Drainage Replacement – North Side

On September 21, 2017 Rec and Park Commission approved to award a construction contract for the Alta Plaza Park – North Side Irrigation and Drainage Project to Azul Works Inc. The scope includes: replacement of sod and automatic irrigation system, installation of perimeter drainage, installation Donor Recognition Circle, and installation … Continue reading

Alta Plaza Update

The Alta Plaza scope of work has been identified and will include Irrigation, Drainage and Sod replacement. The FOAPP prioritized the Additive Alternates (this means if the budget allows and may not be added if the budget is higher than anticipated) as follows: 1) Scott and Washington Street entrance pathway … Continue reading

UPDATE – Alta Plaza Park Water Conservation Project

A community-generated master plan for Alta Plaza Park was prepared through the efforts of the Friends of Alta Plaza Park. The proposed master plan is currently undergoing an environmental evaluation. A historic resources report is being prepared for the analysis of cumulative impacts by the proposed improvements. Results of the environmental evaluation is anticipated to take 3-6 … Continue reading

UPDATE – Alta Plaza Park Water Conservation Project

The Friends of Alta Plaza Park concluded the community’s master planning process for Alta Plaza Park on November 22, 2014, held at The Waldorf School. The Recreation and Park Department will confer with the Friends to discuss the next steps, including revisions to the draft master plan based on the most … Continue reading

UPDATE – Alta Plaza Park Water Conservation Project

Dear Alta Plaza Park Neighbors: The Recreation and Park Dept. (RPD) would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the status of improvements for Alta Plaza Park: o  Soil prep work is planned for portions of the south side where extensive weed eradication was recently done. This will occur within … Continue reading

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