Miner Wedding

Hundreds of San Francisco residents choose to get married each year in our parks or facilities. Golden Gate Park is the site of many popular locations from the Rose Garden to Shakespeare Garden to the Chinese Pavilion. The newly renovated Fay Park in Russian Hill has become a hidden gem for weddings. The beautifully refurbished Sunnyside Conservatory can be used for a wedding and reception. The Stern Grove area together with the Trocadero Clubhouse remains a favorite spot with many. Wedding sites can be booked one year in advance.

Type Wedding Site Location Capacity Other Info (see codes below) Reservation Fee Hourly Rate (Two Hour Minimum)
C Chain of Lakes (Middle Lake), Golden Gate Park 41st Ave (Chain of Lakes Dr.) btwn John F. Kennedy Dr. & Martin L. King, Jr. Dr. 100 NAS $234 $58
C; R Fuschia Garden, Golden Gate Park Conservatory East Drive btwn John F. Kennedy Dr. & Arguello 150 CSU; NAS $234 $58
C Portals of the Past/Lloyd’s Lake, Golden Gate Park John F. Kennedy Dr. & 23rd Ave 100 NAS $234 $58
C; R Rose Garden, Golden Gate Park John F. Kennedy Dr. & 14th Ave 150 CSU; CSA; NAS $234 $58
C;R;SR Fay Park, Russian Hill 2366 Leavenworth 100 Standing NAS; SR $234 $58
C Chinese Pavilion, Golden Gate Park Strawberry Hill at Stow Lake 50 NAS $409 $117
C; R Queen Wilhelmina Garden, Golden Gate Park 47th Ave & Great Highway (Windmill) 200 NAS $409 $117
C Shakespeare Garden, Golden Gate Park Martin L. King, Jr. Dr. & Nancy Pelosi Drive 200 NAS $409 $117
C; R; SR Palace of Fine Arts (Rotunda) Lyon Street & Marina Green Blvd 250 NAS $409 $117
C; R; SR Sunnyside Conservatory (indoor/outdoor) 236 Monterey Blvd. 70 Standing 50 Sit down SR $409 $117
  • C = Ceremony Only
  • CSU = Road closure -Inaccessible by vehicles on Sunday’s year round
  • R = Receptions Allowed - Extra Fees Apply at Palace of Fine Arts. See Rules and Regulations
  • CSA = Road closure -Inaccessible by vehicles on Saturday’s from April through September
  • NAS = No Amplified Sound
  • SR = Special Restrictions, See Rules and Regulations

Note: All fees subject to change

1) Performance Bond of $500.00 (separate check from rental fee) in the form of a cashier’s check or money order, payable to S.F. Recreation & Park Department is required for every reservation. The performance bond will be returned if the reserved area is left clean and undamaged following the event.Payment:

  • A 20% (non –refundable deposit) of the total Rental Fee is due five (5) business days from the date the reservation was made.
  • Remaining Balance and Performance Bond is due six (6) months prior to event.
  • If request for reservation is two (2) months to six (6) months prior to the event date, full payment and performance bond is due
  • five (5) business days from the date the reservation was made.


  • Cancellations must be phoned in.The Permits & Reservation Office must receive a written letter confirming cancellation within five (5) business days after the phone in cancellation.
  • Cancellations made prior to three (3) months before the event will receive 50% of the Remaining Balance that was paid.
  • Cancellations made three (3) months or less before the event will receive NO refund.

2) Making Reservations – Permittee must be 21 years of age to make a reservation. All reservations can be made up to one (1) year to the date. (ex. If it is June 3, 2003 reservations can be made up to June 3, 2004)

  • Telephone the Permits & Reservations Division at (415) 831-5500.
  • Walk-in Reservations must come to the PIONEER LOG CABIN (located on Stow Lake & John F. Kennedy Drives) during the designated office hours.

Please Note: Request for Reservations less than two (2) months prior to event date must make payment immediately by credit card. Full payment and performance bond will due at that time.

3) Payment -After making the reservation, payment may be made immediately by credit card or by check. Payments by credit card will be emailed immediately. Payment by checks must include the Fee, Permit Information and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and must be received by our office five (5) business days from the date the reservation was made.

  • Please make check(s) payable to the: S. F. RECREATION & PARK DEPARTMENT
  • Permit Information must include the following: (1) Name reservation is under, (2) Reservation Number, (3) Telephone #
  • Mailing Address:
  • ATTN: Permits & Reservations
    McLaren Lodge
    501 Stanyan Street
    San Francisco, CA 94117

Upon receiving required fee(s), you will be sent a confirmation of your reservation.

  • ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE, SET-UP & BREAK-DOWN: The permittee is only allowed on site during the time for which they have reserved. There are no pre-setup or break-down time frames.
  • CLEAN UP: All debris must be bagged and removed from the rented site or put into a locking dumpster rented from a Scavenger company.
  • MYLAR BALLOONS: Mylar balloons are NOT allowed on park property. Other balloons may be brought, but may NOT be released on park property. All balloons must be attached to a free standing pole. Balloon, Piñatas, Streamers, Signs, etc. may NOT be attached to any trees, benches, or poles on Recreation & Park property.
  • RICE, FLOWER PETALS, & BIRD SEEDS: Throwing of rice, flower petals or bird seeds is NOT allowed.
  • WILDLIFE: Releasing of wildlife (doves, butterflies, etc.) is PROHIBITED.
  • SOUND AMPLIFICATION: Amplified sound is NOT allowed at outdoor wedding sites.
  • PORTABLE RESTROOMS: Events with attendance of 150 persons or more must provide portable restrooms at the ratio of one (1) restroom for each 150 persons in attendance, one-fourth of which must meet A.D.A. specifications.
  • VEHICLES: Vehicles are NOT permitted on the grassy area or the small paved roads at the permitted sites. Vehicles must be parked on the main roads. Note: On Sunday & Holidays in Golden Gate Park, John F. Kennedy Drive is closed to vehicle traffic from the East End (Kezar Drive) to Transverse Drive. Saturdays from April through September, John F. Kennedy Drive is closed to vehicle traffic from 8th Ave to Transverse Drive.
  • $1 MILLION LIABILITY INSURANCE: May be required for large groups or groups with special activities (i.e. inflatables, tents, special equipment, etc.).
  • FAY PARK: Staffing is required at an additional cost of $20 per hour. For events involving more than 25 adults, alternative arrangements for parking of vehicles must be made. Use of outdoor space only and a single indoor restroom.
  • PALACE OF FINE ARTS: The minimum fee for a reception at the Palace of Fine Arts is $5000 with a $1000 refundable cleaning deposit. Staffing is required at an additional cost of $70 per hour. Tented events start at $10,000 per day plus $5,000 per day for set up and only a limited number are allowed each year.
  • SUNNYSIDE CONSERVATORY: Staffing is required at an additional cost of $20 per hour.