Community Opportunity Fund

Cabrillo COF Donor Seat Wall Tiles

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, San Francisco! The Community Opportunity Fund Program gives neighborhoods, community groups, and park lovers an opportunity to make a difference in their favorite parks. With the passage of the 2012 Bond, we have the funding to continue this successful program.

Click here for the COF Round 5 flyer 2014.

Park users know how to make their parks better and we want to help you make change happen. Our goal is to build community, foster stewardship, and leverage resources to improve San Francisco’s vital public spaces. The three funding rounds from the 2008 Park Bond are complete and the future funding cycle schedule for 2012 Park Bond first round is below.

As a citywide program of the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, the Community Opportunity Fund (COF) Program is a six million dollar capital program that encourages residents, neighborhood groups, and park advocates to improve their parks. Proposed projects compete for the 2012 Parks Bond funding matched with private gifts, volunteer time, and additional public funding. The COF program goals are:

- Improve San Francisco’s Parks – Create well-designed and efficiently-constructed park features to enable the city to continue providing a diverse set of safe, clean, sustainable, and high-quality park experience.

- Leverage Resources – Leverage contributions – volunteer hours, monetary and in-kind donations – to expand park funding beyond the $6 million provided by the 2012 Parks Bond.

- Build Community and Foster Stewardship – By listening to the park needs of San Francisco residents and enhancing park experience based on those needs, the program will increase the number of park users of all ages committed to civic investment and a sense of community.

- Improve RPD/Community Partnership – The program will improve partnerships between RPD and community organizations by streamlining the park capital improvements process and clearly outlining the roles and responsibilities for City staff and community partners.

Construction Starting for Larsen Playground Renovation

We are excited to announce that we have a construction start date for Larsen Playground Renovation. The contractor will be mobilizing on or close to Monday, August 4. The playground is scheduled to open late winter/ early spring 2015. The new restroom at Larsen will remain open for as much … Continue reading

SFLBC-Bowling Green 1-June Update

Zoom into Google satellite to see the ‘wood form work’ that surrounds Green 1. In the next five weeks, concrete will be poured in stages from gutter to perimeter fence walls. For your safety, the northern section of the Sharon Meadows parking lot will be closed for construction on the following days. Please … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park -Update 6/1/2014

Can you spot the grid pattern throughout the field? Those are 1”wide by 9” deep sand channels that will aid the soil in absorbing standing water. The sand removes the water from the surface so the top soil won’t get muddy and also holds moisture within the soil so the lawn can absorb … Continue reading


Any group or individual with an idea for how to improve their park can apply. To be considered, projects must fit these basic requirements:

- Proposed project must be located on land owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.

- Proposed project must be a Capital Project. This means that the proposed work must be permanently affixed to the park property and be an investment in the future of the park. Events, classes, programs, and maintenance work cannot be funded by the COF. Installation or replacement of playgrounds, paths, benches, drinking fountains, and sports courts are all examples of Capital Projects.

- Proposed project must meet the required three evaluation criteria

  1. Enhance park aesthetic or reduce maintenance
  2. Have broad community support
  3. Have a complete design, budget and schedule

For a complete list of parks that are not eligible please see page three of the “COF Round 4 Overview and Instructions” document in the Round 4 Application Instructions and Materials tab.


Attend a mandatory Applicant Workshop to find out how to get started. Click on the Workshop Materials tab for workshop dates (please note the next round will begin in late 2014). Application forms and instructions are available in the Round 4 Application Instructions and Materials tab.


Please read through the Overview and Instructions document which contains information about the background, process and eligibility requirements for Community Opportunity Fund projects. The Round 4 Application is available both in Excel and PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking the links below. Other forms for your project application are also available here.

- COF Round 4 Overview and Instructions
- COF Round 4 Application Form Due July 9th EXCEL
- COF Round 4 Application Form Due July 9th PDF
- COF Round 4 Donor Disclosure/Gift Acknowledgement Form
- COF Round 4 RPD Tax-exempt Determination
- Rec and Park Commission Gift Policy 
Rec and Park Commission Naming Policy
Rec and Park Donor Recognition Guidelines



The General Plan Recreation and Open Space Element High Needs Map and a City Wide Map with Park Service Areas and Supervisor’s Districts are available below for your reference.

High Needs Areas Map from the General Plan Recreation and Open Space Element
City Wide Map with Park Service Area Info and Supervisor's Districts Lines

Round 4 - Sample Meeting Materials

Sample Sign-in Sheet

Sample Meeting Notice

COF-Applicant Workshops

All scheduled workshops for Round 4 have passed. If you are interested in applying for Round 5, please see below for upcoming workshop dates:

- Wednesday, October 29, 2014  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm City Hall – Hearing Room 408
- Thursday, November 6, 2014  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center Auditorium (Capital Ave and Montana)
- Saturday, November 15, 2014  10:00 am - 12:00 pm County Fair Building – Auditorium
- Thursday, December 11, 2014  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Joe Lee Recreation Center – Multipurpose Room 2

Meeting Materials

Presentation for COF Round 4