Pine Lake Day Camp – Camp Counselor

Boy's Tennis Camp

Job Description

The Camp Counselors lead 12 to 16 campers through programs throughout the day. Camp counselors work with camp management to design programs and maintain a fun, safe, and inclusive environment at camp and while on field trips. Each Camp Counselor will have two youth assistants ages 16 and up to mentor. An Art/Nature Counselor will offer specific projects for the counselors to bring their campers to: art, gardening, composting, nature exploration, etc. An Eco-Camp counselor will lead a group of 12-14 year old on service learning adventures in camp and on field trips.

Job Responsibilities

Camp Counselors are responsible for the emotional/physical safety and well being of all of the campers. Counselors will be trained on sign-in and sign-out procedures, RPD policies and protocols. Counselors will work with camp management to present well thought-out relevant programs, create camp community, and maintain a clean and safe camp site. Counselors are responsible for their youth workers' professional growth.

Desirable Qualifications
  • Day Camp Counselor experience
  • Program design experience
  • Environmental programming, projects, stewardship experience
  • Friendly, outgoing, cooperative, supportive, flexible, calm under stress
  • Good customer service skills to use with parents and the public
  • First Aid/CPR certification
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
Minimum Qualifications

All applicants must meet the minimum qualifications listed for the applicable civil service job (class) code. Please go to for the job announcement and more information on the specific requirements.

Certification(s) Desired
  • First Aid/CPR American Red Cross
  • CA Food Handler's Card - online at
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