Day Camp Activity Leader

Children enjoying Randall Museum

Job Description

Leaders at this camp will instruct and lead campers (ages 6-12) in various sports and games activities such as Basketball, Soccer, Baseball/Softball, Floor Hockey, relays, Parachute Games, and Table Games at a neighborhood camp in the South of Market area. They will also assist with various cultural, educational and art activities.  On occasion, we may also take off-site day trips.

Job Responsibilities

The Leader should have the ability to coordinate all basic activities (transition time, meal breaks, etc) in the camp, perform check-in/out and attendance duties, as well as organize and maintain order during each of the activities.

He/She should also have the ability to evaluate campers’ skill levels in each activity and be able to make adjustments to ensure that every camper participates. It is also important for the Leader to be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude to ensure every participant has an enjoyable experience.

Desirable Qualifications
  • Possess organizational skills
  • Knowledge of sports and games
  • Ability to maintain structured activities
  • Be flexible, understanding, and willing to learn
Minimum Qualifications

All applicants must meet the minimum qualifications listed for the applicable civil service job (class) code. Please go to for the job announcement and more information on the specific requirements.

Certification(s) Desired
  • Certification in sports and/or athletics is desirable. Sample certifications include but are not limited to: National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) or American Sports Education Program (ASEP)
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