Portsmouth Square

Portsmouth Square

Nicknamed the ‘Heart of Chinatown,’ this historic one-block park is a favorite outdoor gathering spot in one of the City’s most densely populated neighborhoods. The park hosts activities for all ages, from early morning Tai Chi practice to competitive games of chess and checkers. Pack a lunch and relax on a bench while children frolic in the busy play area.
In the early 1800s, this site was a public square in the Mexican township of Yerba Buena. When the USS Portsmouth seized Yerba Buena in 1846, the square was renamed in honor of the ship.

UPDATE – Portsmouth Square Restroom Replacement Project

The Recreation and Park Department is pleased to report that the City is advertising the Portsmouth Square Restroom Replacement Project for contractor bids on 4/11/14. Bids will be due on May 7th. Barring any unforeseen complications, an award of contract is anticipated in July 2014, with construction beginning in fall … Continue reading

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