Garfield Square

Garfield Square

Transformed by renovations into a lively community hub, this 3.5-acre park boasts a new, artificial turf soccer field, great for league play or pickup games. The playground, clubhouse and pool have all been remodeled, along with the basketball court, picnic and BBQ areas.

Located in the heart of the Mission District, Garfield Square is a traditional gathering spot for annual Day of the Dead ceremonies. Public artworks and murals celebrate the neighborhood’s rich cultural heritage.

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You’re Participation is Needed for the Upcoming Garfield Pool Improvements

Thanks to those who voted in favor of the 2012 Park Bond, Garfield Pool was allocated $11 million dollars for improvements. We would like the community’s feedback on what you would like. The meeting will take place in the Clubhouse next to the pool building, which is located at 26th … Continue reading

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