Douglass Playground

Douglass Playground

Explore this tree-lined hillside in Noe Valley and you’ll find it’s actually two parks (for the price of one), connected by a steep path. On the upper terrace, a rocky wall helps keep your best four-legged friend in view and away from the street.

The lower terrace is human-friendly, with a playground, tennis and basketball courts, and pleasant picnic areas. The clubhouse offers an After-School Program and can be reserved for private events.

Upper Douglass- Winter CLOSURE2015 Flyer

The Upper Douglass Dog Park will be closed from December, 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016 in order to provide time to properly aerate, overseed, topdress and fertilize the field so that we may re-establish healthy and resilient grass as we prepare for the heavy use in the spring.

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