test 4 rain out

Permits and Reservations will post on this website as soon as we learn that a field has been closed due to weather or other conditions. Hopefully this will reduce the back up of phone calls. If it has rained recently and we have learned fields will be open, we will also post it here to reduce the number of phone calls.

Important Notice:
Just because a field is not posted on this list does not mean it is open (we may not have gotten a phone call)

  • Posted Signs: You must respect signs posted on fields
  • If there is a field closed sign on the field, you must follow it
  • Use Your Judgment: You must use your judgment to respect our fields
  • If there is standing water on the field or the field is clearly saturated, please do not use it
  • Do not attempt to remove puddles on ball diamonds by lifting water and putting it on to the grass. You will damage the grass since the water also has dirt in it

Date Field/Complex Condition DOW Additional Info
01/12/2018 All Fields Except (see next) Closed Friday Why do we have to enter the DOW? Doesn't make sense. I'll look into creating that data in autopilot. Now, what are we testing? Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
05/02/2018 Other See Below Other See Below Tuesday Moscone 1 – Open Moscone 2, 3, 4 – Closed Balboa Softball – Open Balboa Baseball – Closed Park A Park B Park C
06/11/2018 Big Rec Closed Sunday Fuekd 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Field 5
12/01/2017 All Fields Except (see next) Closed Friday another test
01/09/2018 All Fields Except (see next) Closed Tuesday test
01/10/2018 All Fields Except (see next) Closed Wednesday just testing the sortby order


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