Palace of Fine Arts Request for Proposals Process

As we celebrate the centennial of the Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department looks to obtain a tenant for one of the remaining buildings from the PPIE, the iconic Palace of Fine Arts.

The Department issued a Request for Concept Proposals (RFCP) last November as the first of a two step competitive bidding process for a long term lease opportunity for the building. The Department will follow the RFCP with a Request for Proposals (RFP), inviting the highest scoring respondents from the RFCP to participate.

The Department received seven bids to the RFCP and is accepting public comments on the proposals through August 21, 2015. The Department held a public meeting on June 23, 2015 to give each of the respondent teams the opportunity to present their proposals. The RFCP, responses to the RFCP, the video from the public meeting and the opportunity to comment on each of the proposals can be accessed through the links below.

The Department and the Selection Panel have reviewed the proposals and the Department is recommending the selection of the top three scoring proposals to move on to the next stage of process. The Recreation and Park Commission will be considering the Department’s recommendations and the issuance of the full Request for Proposals (RFP) at their upcoming meetings on November 5th at 1pm and November 19th at 10am. Both meetings will take place in City Hall, room 416.

For information on the RFCP process, the Department’s recommendations, and the full RFP, please visit the following:

Commission Memo Full RFP
To view the RFCP and supporting documents, please visit the following link:

To view the responses to the RFCP, letters from interested parties, and to provide public comments on any of the proposals, please visit the following link:
Proposals and Comments Page

To view the video from the Department hosted public meeting on June 23, 2015, which featured the sponsors of each of the seven proposals received, please visit the following link:
Televised Public Meeting