Disability Questions

The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (RPD) welcomes people of all abilities to enjoy our parks and facilities, and to participate in programs, classes and special events we offer. Most of our buildings are physically accessible to people with disabilities, and to learn more, please see the “Facility Accessibility” section below. Similarly, most of our classes and programs are offered at accessible locations and all locations can provide auxiliary aids and services such as ASL or alternative formats. To ask for auxiliary aids and services, please see the “Programmatic Access” section below.

Signing up for classes and programs can be done in one of three ways: in person at a registration site, online, or over the phone at 415-831-6800. If you have difficulty by computer, please call Vicky Pitner, Inclusion Coordinator, at 415-206-1063 and she can assist you. Phone registration for people with disabilities opens at the same time as on-line and walk-in registration. In addition to independent access to our programs and facilities, we also offer several Adaptive Recreation activities through our Project Insight program. For more information on this, please see the “Adaptive Recreation” section below.

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Facility Accessibility

Most of our facilities are accessible to people in wheelchairs and other mobility impairments. Accessible facilites are designated with the ISA Symbol,ISA Symbol Icon , throughout the website. For a list showing our accessible facilities, click here. If you are interested in taking a class that is offered at a facility that is not accessible, please contact our Inclusion Coordinator, Vicky Pitner, below. She will help you find the same class at the closest accessible facility.


When buildings are labeled "accessible," that means there is a wheelchair access route to the building entry, the rest-rooms and service areas. The rest-rooms and service areas are also usable by people who use wheelchairs. Please note: several recreation centers and club houses are closed for ADA renovations or replacement.

Swimming Pools

Each each of the Recreation and Parks Department's pools have a swimming pool chair lift. We are currently re-evaluating our accessible policies and programs at the pools. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our ADA Program Coordinator.

Golf Courses

Adaptive Rec GolfFor ADA program access, the accessible route to teeing grounds, putting greens and other playing areas is via the accessible golf cart.

The accessible cart is housed at Harding Park Golf Course and is available for use with a 24 hour notice to prevent double booking of the cart. It can also be transported to Lincoln Park Golf Course or Gleneagles Golf Course in McLaren Park with a 72-hour notice period. Golden Gate Park Golf Course is exclusively a walking course and is experienced without golf carts or cart paths. Due to environmental restrictions at Sharp Park Golf Course, golf carts are permitted ONLY on cart paths.

Harding Park and Fleming Golf Courses – 18-hole and 9-hole, respectively - offer a complete range of golfing experiences and are fully accessible.

Lincoln Park and Sharp Park are both 18-hole courses and Golden Gate Park and Gleneagles are both 9-hole courses. These four properties offer limited accessibility.

Outdoor areas and Parks

When an outdoor area or park is labeled "accessible," that means there is an entry that has a wheelchair access route to the outdoor area or Park and there is at least one accessible recreational opportunity at the site. At most sites, there are multiple numbers and types of recreational opportunities. Because of the terrain, age, and natural features of most of the outdoor areas in San Francisco, there will be sites labeled "accessible" in which some areas of the site are not usable by wheelchair users. Some of these outdoor areas and parks have portions closed for renovations.

For a list of our accessible facilities, click here.

For more information on park and facility access 

please contact our ADA Facility Coordinator:

Paulina Araica



Programmatic Access

InSight-GardeningFor our classes and programs, please let us know if you need an auxiliary aid or service, such as Sign Language Interpretation, Real-Time Captioning or materials in Large Print or Braille. We are also happy to work with you on any reasonable modifications to our policies, practices or procedures that you may need in order to have equal access to our classes and programs. Just email or call our ADA Program Coordinator, Lucas Tobin (415-206-1229). Giving us at least 72 hours notice will help us to ensure availability.

For further information on programmatic access

Please contact our ADA Program Coordinator:

Lucas Tobin



Inclusion Services and Accommodations

For information about Inclusion and Accommodations for programs, classes, and events

Please contact our Inclusion Services Coordinator:

Lucas Tobin

415-206-1063 (voice)

415-206-1556 (TTY)


Please note that requesting accommodations at least 72 hours prior to an event will help ensure availability.

Adaptive Recreation & Inclusion

Skiing with Project Insight

Project Insight is RPD's home for Adaptive Recreation, and has been offering Adaptive Recreation programs for over 30 years.  Our current program offerings include after school programs, teen programs, swimming, organic gardening, outdoor adventure, summer day camps, and special events. For a complete list of classes, please see the Project Insight page.

For information about our Project Insight Adaptive Recreation programs

Contact our Inclusion Coordinator:

Vicky Pitner



For transit information - go to sfmta. com and click on "Plan a Trip", call 511 or look for us on Google Maps.

SFGOV Accessibillity

The City and County of San Francisco recognizes it's obligation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability civil rights laws to provide equal access to all City and County programs and activities. The purpose of the SFGov Accessibillity Web site is to provide information, guidance, and techniques for the development of accessible Web site content provided by City and County of San Francisco agencies for the benefit of citizens, employees and visitors, including those with disabilities.

The benefits of compliance with Web accessibility Guidelines benefit everyone, including those who would otherwise find it difficult or impossible to access content that was intended for all.