Willie “Woo Woo” Wong Playground

Willie "Woo Woo" Wong PlaygroundDescription

Willie "Woo Woo" Wong Playground is located at 830 Sacramento Street between Waverly Place and Pagoda Place in Chinatown. Named for Chinese American USF basketball star Willie "Woo Woo" Wong, the park serves one of San Francisco's densest and most culturally celebrated neighborhoods. The approximately half acre park includes two sand-floor playgrounds, tennis and volleyball courts, and an existing clubhouse with rooftop basketball court, on a terraced hillside site. In addition, at the Western edge, Hangh Ah Alley is wholly within the park boundary.

Project Scope

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department is undertaking a renovation of the Willie "Woo Woo" Wong Playground, as part of the capital improvement program funded by the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. The project will consist of the renovation and/or reconfiguration of park features including courts, children's play areas, alleys, and associated amenities, and improved park access to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act and California Building Code standards.

Men playing basketball at Willie "Woo Woo" Wong PlaygroundFunding

Total budget is $13.5 million (see the funding sources):

  • $1,041,661 Fiscal Year 2018 to 2019 Budget (Open Space)
  • $2,458,339 Previously appropriated 2012 GO Bond contingency and Open Space funds
  • $4,000,000 Downtown Parks Fund
  • $6,000,000 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond


Construction began in August 2018!

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