South Ocean Beach Project

Ocean Beach Open Space DesignDescription

The South Ocean Beach Project is situated along the Great Highway south of Sloat and north of Skyline. The Great Highway passes through Recreation and Parks property in this area. The project has been allocated $2 million to build a multi-use trail and new parking lot on the soon-to-be-former highway roadway. The project is currently in its planning and engineering phase. 

Goals of the Project

  • Connect bikeway
  • Provide access to the shore
  • Provide parking to the shore
  • Safely replace parking

Ocean Beach FLAP Project Area Element MapProject Scope

Ocean Beach south of Sloat has experienced significant erosion during the past 15 years. The Ocean Beach Master Plan outlines a managed retreat strategy to allow for some retreat of the coastline, while still protecting important city infrastructure, namely Public Utilities Commission pipes. The Recreation and Park Department worked with the National Park Service, SFMTA, Public Works, PUC, and other government agencies to develop the South Ocean Beach Project. Recreation and Parks proposed improvements to the area include adding a new multi-use trail for pedestrian and bike access between Sloat and Skyline - connecting a link along the shoreline that is currently missing. In addition, parking is expected to be a part of the project.

Project Schedule

Phase 1: Road Narrowing, Multi-Use Path, & Intersection Upgrades

  • Build a multi-use path in a closed portion of Great Highway. Build a replacement parking lot. (Recreation and Park)
  • Improve safety at the intersection of Skyline Boulevard and Great Highway, including new crosswalks and improved traffic controls. (Caltrans and SFMTA)
  • Narrow Great Highway from 3 to 2 lines along the coast (Public Works)

Phase 2

  • Close Great Highway south of Sloat to all vehicle traffic
  • PUC to protect Lake Merced Tunnel
  • Reopen trail once tunnel work completed

Project Partners

  • California Coastal Commission
  • Caltrans (California Department of Transportation)
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Office of Federal Lands Highway
  • National Park Service: Golden Gate National Recreation Area
  • Public Utilities Commission
  • San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA)
  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)
  • San Francisco Planning Department
  • San Francisco Public Works
  • SPUR

Budget & Funding Sources

  • Federal Highway Administration ($1.69 Million)
  • Project Budget: ($2 Million)
  • San Francisco Recreation and Park In-Kind ($1.8 Thousand)
  • SFCTA - Prop K ($264,000)
  • SPUR ($45,000)